This spring the talent is live live live. We’re easing toward summer around here. Lately we have been booking loads of amazing live performers. Our above collage shows just a few of the many live music you can look forward to. Of course, we have our monthly DJ events, a few nice featured party nights, Toronto’s best burlesque and plenty of special fundraisers and charity events.

File:The Phoenix, Toronto.jpgRevival is excited to announce the reveal of the NEW Electro-Voice X-Line Advance at Revival Bar in Toronto is here. The new system has 10 X1-212/90 2-way compact Line Array cabinets, 4 X12-128 dual 18″ subwoofers, 6 TG-7 amplifiers and 6 RCM-28 IRIS-NET OMNEO modules. Did someone say entertainment? Bookings have been coming in.

With the city’s loss of a few live event venues, Revival has stepped up to provide amazing space for live performers of all kinds: live music, theatre, public speech competitions, burlesque, fundraisers and much more. Revival Event Venue is a hub of entertainment with our collective of professional promoters, Revival has three floors which are available for booking every conceivable kind of location need.

  1. At the intersection of Queens Quay and Rees Street (300m from us)
  2. Wagstaff Dr. (647-402-3449)
  3. Dundas Street West, M6J 1W3
  4. 150 King Street W, 416-916-0227
  5. The Edge (70 Gerrard Street East)
  6. York Street | 416-815-7325 |
  7. The Calvin Bar
  8. Muzik // 15 Saskatchewan Rd

Not only is Revival great for entertainment, it is perfect for video shoots, corporate events, cozy trade shows, company presentations, photo shoots, festivals, press announcements, book launches, dinner parties and much more. Revival has the equipment to accommodate so many needs – including having a full kitchen. Contact for your location requirements. Revival Event Venue is in full swing and looks forward to serving your event.

Candle on each table and a beautiful bar with an almost antique feel. We easily got a table at 8pm on a Saturday but there was a lineup by 9pm so it’s easier if you come a bit on the early side. Our waiter was really nice and friendly.

I had the most horrible experience at this place.

He gladly answered any questions about the menu and made recommendations. Was this review …? Drinks arent my style, no vodka in house. Was this review …? I had the most horrible experience at this place. This was resulted from horrible behaviour of serves and their cash and debit only method of payment.

Three of us ordered a few drinks, but at the bill time none of our cards were found acceptable. They asked us to go and get cash from a nearby ATM thru our credit cards (nobody had debit or cash).

We tried and explained to them about the 20% interest and hit to credit score and instead we suggested paying the bill thru money transfer if they discount the charge from the bill. We agreed to use the cash back on cc at a nearby store to pay.

On the way to the nearby store we start receiving miserable behaviour from the serve accompanying us which seemed to be owner or manager. Last comment really hit me. We are buying crap we don’t need and going through hell to pay you and you say this!

You’re probably going to come here for drinks while you wait for a table at the Black Hoof.

Steam[edit]They are horrible rude people, stay away if you do not want to be bullied on your Saturday night. Was this review …? You’re probably going to come here for drinks while you wait for a table at the Black Hoof. The craft cocktails are great, but you must try the duck wings! The wings were meaty and rich.

Tossed in buffalo sauce with a bit of blue cheese dressing. I’ve sometimes found blue cheese so strong that it takes away from the flavour of the meat. This wasn’t the case here. We came here AFTER our meal at the Black Hoof. My friends told me to save room for the wings because they were really good, and I’m glad I did.

Love the decor and vibe here.

Like others have mentioned, they only take cash or Canadian debit. Was this review …? Unbelievably incredible cocktails. Perfection. Big In Japan highly recommended! Love the decor and vibe here. Was this review …? I’ve tried Corpse Revivers throughout the city and I’ve yet to find a worthy adversary to Cocktail Bar. This place has a very cute and charming atmosphere. Like Hamptons beachy, yet cozy and downtown stylish.

Great music. I’ve heard the owner (Jen Agg) will test the optimal volume by sitting in different seats. Which reminds me, I read a great profile on her in Toronto Life this year, which made me finally visit this place. I recommend that article, it is always nice to know who you are supporting and the origins of what you are supporting. Will definitely go back.

Hopefully before or after trying Black Hoof for the first time. Was this review …? This place is great! They have very unique and interesting cocktails. My fiance and I were in town for Labor Day weekend and came here twice because the cocktails were so good.

It was the perfect complement.

They were very well balanced. I must say the Big in Japan was great. I was skeptical the sesame oil would overpower everything else but it didn’t! It was the perfect complement. Was this review …? Everyone in my party got the same drink (just happened that way) and it was pretty good.